CFK Promotions started off about 17 years ago as a simple Karaoke solo show presented by Chrissyferkin. He quickly became very popular during the next few years with a unique and almost ‘lost’ style of Karaoke, involving the whole audience.

As the work came in, Chris realised that to keep everyone happy new DJ’s would have to be found, but at the same time they would have to keep the same high and unique style showing during all of their shows! Hence CFK Promotions was born!

Today we still offer the same high quality Presenters and DJ’s, for both Karaoke and normal Discos. The natural progression then was to include all forms of entertainment. Singers, Bands, Magicians and Comedians were approached, vetted and then taken onboard.

Being an accomplised compere, Chris also staged variety shows and singing competitions. At the turn of the century CFK Promotions helped organise and present Yates’s ‘Wannabe’ National Competition, with a grand prize of £10,000 and a recording contract. The most famous winner of this was in 2004, when a lady called Leona Lewis won! In 2008 he teamed up with Helena Mace, a singer in her own right and this led to the birth of Star Sensations, the hugely successful South Coast Singing Competition now coming in to its 5th year.

We also build websites!. With our own dedicated server we can offer full website services, to include the building as well as the hosting! From a simple site involving only a few pages, to a large media style website, or a full e-commerce site selling your products online, we can deliver. Prices start at just £300, which includes the first years hosting, a ‘’ domain name and an email address if required.

Today CFK Promotions is run by Chrissyferkin and the talented Helena. To see how we can help you why not drop us a line? Its easy…just fill out our Contact Form and we shall get back to you.