Terry Nash (World Class Meat Loaf Tribute)

I have been a full-time professional entertainer now for some 16 years. Whilst this choice of career is firmly rooted in the devising and performance of a number of Tribute Shows, it is supported by sound academic achievement (BA Hons Performing Arts from University College Winchester) and post compulsory teaching practice (CFET parts 1 and 2) at Bournemouth and Poole College Drama Department. How have I achieved this? Through determination, hard bloody work, theoretical and practical study, and an uncanny resemblance to Meat Loaf !!! Not the first iconic image of male stardom that springs to mind, but a wonderful entertainer, full of passion and emotion in his delivery, both vocal and physical. A fantastic mask to hide behind. Never the kind of kid to naturally perform in front of people, more the mirror and hairbrush type, throughout my teenage years and twenties I got to realising that I could sing pretty well. Not normally the type to blow my own trumpet either, after years of doing my best to not look like Meat I finally gave up the ghost and went full throttle.

It has been the combination of years of performative experience and the opportunity to study my performances academically that has placed me in a position to offer a number of Tribute shows that can appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. When combined with the talents of the professional musicians, experienced singers, sound engineers and DJs that I employ, I am able to create a live music package to cover anything from a 1 hour show to a whole evening’s entertainment. It firmly believe that, although positive responses from an audience presented with a tribute to their favourite artiste and music is somewhat guaranteed, my ability to include other musical styles and physical forms (Blues Brothers, Commitments etc.) can make any entertainment package more inclusive and really pump up the party spirit and feel good factor. Please note that all shows can be supplied self contained either; performed against high quality backing tracks or with a 100% Live Band. Tribute Shows available are Meet Loaf, Rokky Horror, Chicago Hit Squad (Blues Brothers), Mustang’s Alley (Commitments), Blues Brother / Soul Sister, Grea5e or any combination of them all.

Charity Concert…

Amelia Saunders sadly passed away aged 4 years old in January 2013. We are holding a concert in aid of Naomi's House, who looked after Amelia, on 8th September 2013 in Bournemouth. For more details and to purchase tickets please click here.

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